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save £100

Combination pens for higher dose

A new higher strength prescription-only programme that has been making waves with celebrities.

Good news everyone!

After working closely with the partners of the national medical weight loss program we have been informed of a new way to tackle the issue some patients have, whose hunger is no longer sated at the 1.0mg dose!

Lose weight and keep it off!

We are all Aware of the new wegovy 2.4mg pen expected to arrive July 2022. So until then we are happy to announce we can use our Ozempic in a similar way and offer all our current clients who are already interested in the 1.0mg pen a great deal!

With wegovy we can prescribe 2.4mg and therefore the partners at the weight loss program have advised we can the same with ozempic if needed!

Pens have a self life of 6 weeks as we are all aware

So in partnership with NMWLP we can offer 2 pens in combination and increase weekly doses in increments

Eg 1.25mg 1.5mg 1.75mg 2.0mg etc

Price per 1mg pen £250

Offer price for combining two 1mg pens for clients who require a higher dose will receive their second 1mg pen at a discounted rate of £150

SAVE £100